7 Continents Of The World

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Continents Of The World

ASIA: Asia is the largest continent in the world. There are 50 countries in Asia. World's largest country Russia, most populas country China, highest mountai in the World Mt. Everest of Nepal and ancient civilisation and birth of world's various religion are all found in Asia. About 60% of world's population lives in Asia.

AFRICA: Africa is the second largest continent in the world. There are 54 countries in Africa. Sahara, world's largest desert is in Africa which occupies 25% of the total area of Africa. Africa is also the hottest continent in the world.

NORTH AMERICA: North America is the world's third largest continent. There are 23 countries in North America. Canada is the largest country in North America and the second largest in the world. USA, the world's leading nation in terms of politics, business, development, economy, art, media, communication and technology is also in North America.

SOUTH AMERICA: South America is the fourth largest continent in the world. There are 12 countries in South America. Brazil is the largest country in South America. Both the largest as well as the longest river in the world, Amazon River and the largest forest, Amazon Rainforest is in South America. Amazon Rainforest covers about 30% of total area of South America.

ANTARTICA: Antartica is the fifth largest continent in the world. It is completely covered with ice and is the coldest continent in the world. Antartica is the only continent with no countries or permanent population. The only inhabitants of the continent are scientiest from various countries involved in research work and living in research station in Antartica.

EUROPE: Europe is the sixth largest continent in the world. There are 51 countries in Europe. World's smallest country, Vatican City is in Europe. Europe is also home to diverse culture, languages, fashion, art, history and the European Union. Economically, Europe is the most developed continent in the world.

AUSTRALIA & OCEANIA: Australia is the smallest continent in the world. There are 14 countries in Australia & Oceania. Australia is the largest and Nauru is the smallest country in the continent of Australia. It is the least populated continent with permanent inhabitants (Antartica is the least populated continent with no permanent inhabitants).

World Continents by area from largest to smallest

RankContinentTotal Area (sq. km)Total Area (sq. mi)
3North America24,709,0009,540,000
4South America17,840,0006,890,000

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