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Countries Of The World

Countries-oftheworld.com is a simple info website about the countries of the world. Today there are about 195 recognised countries in the world. These independent countries are self-governing nations with their own authorities and international diplomatic recognition of sovereignty.
This website was created to be a go to website for quick info reference. It's like a little online pocket guide about the countries of the world. more...


50 countries in Asia


54 countries in Africa


51 countries in Europe

North America

23 countries and 23 territories

South America

12 countries and 3 territories

Australia & Oceania

14 countries and 12 territories

Largest Countries

100 largest countries in the world

Smallest Countries

100 smallest countries in the world

Populas Countries

100 most populas countries

Best Airlines in the world

Best Airlines

10 best airlines in the world

Richest countries in the world

Richest Countries

30 richest countries in the world

Best Airports in the world

Best Airports

10 best airports in the world

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